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Klein Tech Advisors Group is a multi-faceted firm that is dedicated to providing senior experience and expertise to energy companies, entrepreneurs, public and private sector policy makers, law firms, investors, lenders, and others with an interest in the energy industry. We specialize in “Next Generation” technologies and sustainable strategies that better ensure client success in the evolving business and regulatory environment.  In complex technology, regulatory and business-critical matters it pays to have experienced advisors you can trust. Klein Tech Advisors Group is a trusted advisor to energy leaders facing their toughest challenges and most-promising opportunities. 


If you are a CEO, public or private sector policy maker or a clean tech venture capitalist or simply someone with a great idea, Klein Tech Advisors Group can ensure you have immediate access to the experience and resources you need.  Clients with important issues call on Klein Tech Advisors Group for one reason: the quality of advice they receive. Our counsel has led clients to fundamentally better business and technology decisions, financial success, and winning strategic plans.


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