Klein Tech Advisors Group Overarching Philosophy

Energy Industry

Electric Utilities


A regulated electric utility that is committed to investing in smart grid and renewable resource technologies such that the following benefits are realized:

  • Community served with state-of-the-art technologies consistent with a clean, esthetically pleasing and sustainable environment
  • Utility that is better positioned to effectively deal with the challenges the industry faces as the traditional electric  utility business model moves towards utilities as energy managers rather than monopoly power suppliers
  • Aging utility infrastructure upgrades become opportunities to adopt new technologies and transition to society’s desired future rather than simply reinforcing the old way of doing things
  • Consumers that support and embrace their utility and seek opportunities to partner in ways that are mutually beneficial
  • Utility that leverages partnerships, resources and opportunities to develop viable new business lines to the benefit of their customers and shareholders
  • Economic vitality, environmental sustainability and high quality of life for the community
  • Utility that attracts and retains the highest quality employees



Public & Regulatory Entities

Government & Community Level



Communities and officials that recognize the need for change and innovation in the ways we produce, delivery and utilize energy but also recognize that change can be disruptive and can negatively impact certain segments of society and commerce. This recognition should lead to an inclusive and well thought out transition that seeks solutions that are environmentally sustainable, affordable, fair and reflect measurable improvement over the traditional models.

Product & Market Innovators

Entrepreneurs, Investors & Market Movers



A regulatory and business environment where innovative ideas and concepts can freely enter the playing field and compete.

New technologies that open attractive evolutionary pathways to a sustainable energy future.




Need to Rethink Your Energy Business Model

Also Need to Support Those Stepping Up to the Challenge

While changes in the electric sector have been underway for years, many utilities and their traditional monopoly customers have not developed holistic innovative and sustainable strategies to address the significant challenges to their very existence. As a result, they may not be prepared to harness the coming energy market and technology opportunities. As we move toward a more dynamic and sustainable focused energy generation, delivery and management future, those that fail to establish appropriate innovation strategies will continue fall behind and erode their business revenues, customer base, and ability to attract the best employees.

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